Inspired by PM Modi, PhD couple runs tea stall for living.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister (PM) of India, who is said to be selling tea for a living earlier, has inspired a couple, who have done their PhD to earn their livelihood by selling tea.

This is the story of couple Amingada Prashanth Nayak and Kavya. Both have secured PhD through distance education. In addition, they also passed NET and SET exams to get into government service. Butthey did not get one.

Together with trying to get a government job, the couple used to work in colleges for a living. However, as their financial condition was not good, they opened a tea stall and named it ‘Aam Aadmi Tea Time’. This shop has changed their life completely. The couple is earning around Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. They have opened their own education institute named Shantha Devi educational institute, in the name of Prashanth’s mother, from the income they have earned through this tea shop.

The couple say, “We did not feel dejected as we did not get a government job. We took inspiration from PM Modi and started a tea business. As we sold tea day and night, our dreams have realized. Our family is leading a happy life. Earlier, our financial condition was not good. Morning we used to be in college and evening work in the tea shop.”

The couple has opened three schools now, along with managing a tea shop. They also plan to open a women’s college in Aminagad. On the whole, the couple have become models to all those who lament for not getting a government job.