This MBA graduate turned tea seller post lockdown

During the pandemic, when hundreds of people suffered financial losses and many even lost their jobs, there was a 29-year-old MBA diploma holder bringing change in Allahabad. Meet Kamlesh, a MBA diploma from SR College, Lucknow, who had invested Rs 10 lakh in a networking firm in Haryana, but his life went upside down during the lockdown when the corporate needed to shut the store. Instead of sulking and being negative, he decided to open a chai stall in Prayagraj avenue, and bring a ray of hope for many youths of India.
According to Kamlesh, he is very much inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘vocal for local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ concept. And that’s the reason, he took the loss in his stride and decided to open a tea stall and with this he wants to convey a message that no work is small, especially when it is a matter of your survival. In a statement to TOI, he said, “When pessimism and depression started dominating me, this idea of opening a tea stall with the name ‘MBA Tandoori Chai’ in the civil lines area clicked me.

Kamlesh completed his MBA from SR College of Lucknow after his BCom from Harishchandra PG College of Varanasi. After the success of his tea stall, he is now expanding his small business and has come up with more stalls serving momos and burgers to customers.

At the beginning, Kamlesh made an initial investment of Rs 8000, and today provides employment to six other youths, who assist him in his work. In Kamlesh’s opinion his MBA degree is not a waste, as he plans to expand his business, where his education will surely help in planning and execution of the idea and will be his guide in running the venture.

The idea behind naming the stall ‘MBA Tandoori Chai’ is to send a positive message to the younger generation that there is no substitute for hard work and in case unemployment hits you, use your skills to own an enterprise.

(Credit Toi)

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